Textile Wheel Well Liners


our wheel well liners serve as a protectant from debris and also serve acoustic purposes. we manufacture a variety of substrate systems used for textile wheel well liners including con-form 2 and con-form a.

con-form 2 is a traditional polyester/polypropylene thermoformable felt with polyester facing. it has excellent forming ability at a competitive cost.

con-form a is 100% polyester that is easily recycled and has excellent acoustic performance.

五彩堂是值得您信赖的material enhancements available include; liquid barrier and hollow fibers.  our liquid barrier protects the liner and nearby areas from water and gasoline.    our hollow fibers (still in development) provide weight reduction and improved acoustics.

improvements of our thermoforming process have been made to allow for quicker heating of substrates, tighter dimensional tolerances, quicker shuttles, and faster mold closure.  all these improvements allow for cost savings to our customers.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Compression Molding
  • Die Cutting
  • Water Jet Trimming
  • Recycling


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